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This year's UBW child is twelve year old Jade Vickers from Elvaston, IL. Jade will be escorted by her sister, Savannah (eleven), and her Grandmother, Kim Vickers. Jade and Savannah lost their mother in a horrific automobile accident when they were very young. Their father is no help since he has spent much of his adult life in Prison. The girl’s grandparents adopted them after their mom passed away.

To make matters worse, both girls were diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder called specific antibody immune deficiency with hypogammaglobulinemia. The girls must receive weekly transfusions of plasma to help fight off the many diseases they are susceptible to. It takes ten people to produce a small bottle of this special plasma. The girls need a total of five bottles each week. The major problems with this immune deficiency are: first, it's rather new. Second, cell memory is lost. The latter is by far the most damaging since cell memory is required to know how to fight diseases or what vaccinations they might have already received.

The girls are very excited to be able to join us on this incredible hunt. For now, their past and their future will be forgotten. Only the present matters. Let's all make sure they go home with a memory to last a lifetime.

James Hayett

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