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This year’s Under Broken Wings participant is 13-year-old Mark Lindstrom from Pennsylvania. Mark suffers from the same disease that took his dad’s life when Mark was only 16 months old. It’s known as Legg-Calf-Perthes Disease along with Prothombin 2 Mutant Factor. This severe hip disease deteriorates the hip and continues to clot Mark’s blood. Mark’s very loving and caring mother, Christina, married Brian Williams and now Brian has a fishing and hunting buddy again. Mark is not only blessed with a new dad, Mark also has a little sister, Madison, who is 7 years old, and an 11 year old brother named Wesley. Sadly, Wesley also has the same blood clotting and Prothombin 2 Mutant Factor. Christina was pregnant with Wesley when their father passed away. Christina is a full-time, stay-at-home mom and devotes her time to taking care of her family.

Mark is unable to play sports or anything that involves much contact or running. But believe me when I say that the family is excited for this year’s National Grouse and Woodcock Hunt (NGWH) in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Their excitement is so abundant I either get a phone call, text message, or an email once a day!

Mark just recently finished his 13th hip surgery at the age of 13. What a trooper this little boy is - yet he still looks at life as a great thing, just like his little brother. Mark’s stepdad, Brian, takes the time to go fishing and hunting with Mark since Mark is not able to compete in sports or other strenuous activities. Mark and Brian joined a local group called Fishers of Men, and they go to tournaments to catch mainly bass. This family has a tremendous amount of fun with fishing, hunting and camping. Mark said this about his sister and his father. “I love to do anything outdoors with her and love fishing and helping her when I can. My dad is a paramedic and doesn’t get much time away from the job due to his saving peoples’ lives.” They love to do anything together that consists of family time.

Mark and his family give many thanks to the RGS and UBW family for selecting them to join us at the 2010 NGWH. They hope their fulfilled dream will be an inspiration to many other families in the future.

Christina recently commented on her family’s remarkable philosophy, “Life isn’t always easy but live today like there is no tomorrow. Always remember we don’t know how long we have in life until we don’t have that life anymore. So live happy and be thankful for what we have.”

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