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Brittany's Incredible Life Story

Hi, my name is Brittany Zebrasky and I would like to tell you what has happened to me in my short but eventful life. My father, Christian Zebrasky was attending Palmer Chiropractic College in Bettendorf, Iowa and my mom was eagerly awaiting my arrival. I was a happy little girl with a younger brother who was born November 25, 1996. My little sister was born in April of 2000 and a second little brother was born on May 9, 2003.

When I reached 5 years of age I began to have symptoms of something going wrong including headaches, vomiting, double vision and a petit mal seizure. My parents took me to see several doctors including an ophthalmologist, a pediatrician and a neurologist before they were given the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Upon learning the diagnosis my parents were devastated but with prompting from the specialists decided to schedule surgery and remove as much of the tumor as was safe to do. The doctors said that the tumor was located in a part of my brain that could cause serious damage if they tried to take out all of it so only part of it was removed. Following my surgery, I had 2 years of chemotherapy with a med port. After waiting for approximately one year, my tumor began to grow again and the doctors recommended trying Chemo pills and not just one at a time but 42 at a time. This procedure made me very ill and upset my stomach although I lost very little hair. Not only have I had chemo and radiation therapy, I have also been through 18 surgeries altogether, so far.

During part of my treatment years, I spent two months in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital receiving radiation proton therapy. Although my life had much pain and unhappiness in it, I have also enjoyed many happy days hunting and fishing. I have had the privilege of hunting for deer, elk, turkey, black bear, hog and black buck. These animals were used for feeding our family as we believe God intended. I hope that throughout my life I will be able to help wild life continue to grow and live as nature intended.

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Brittany with bear...
Brittany with elk...
At Cabela's...
At Cabela's...
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With world class shooter, Andy Duffy. Andy began shooting sporting clays in 1983, like many other avid shotgun shooters, as a way to improve his wing shooting. Since that time he has been on the NSCA All-American Team 15 times, Team USA from 1990-2004 and has over 100,000 Lifetime Targets. Andy is the only shooter who has won 3 HOA NSCA National Championship Titles and successfully defended the title winning back-to-back HOA. In 2005 Andy was honored by being inducted into the NSCA Hall of Fame.


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